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The #1 Medical Mask Retailer in Hong Kong

At Synertech Int'l Ltd, we put our customers first. Since 1997, the cornerstone of our business has been our relationship with our customers. We believe that when it comes to serving as your Medical Mask Retailer, our work should speak for itself.

Synertech Int'l Ltd is your local medical equipment supplier — providing you all the products you need at prices you can’t compare. We promise to provide you with the best products for the best price, and will do everything to remain your supplier of choice. Our rich history and dedicated service has provided a high level of quality and professionalism — satisfying clients all throughout Hong Kong since 1997. How can we help you today?

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Get to Know Us

Dr .Yuen Yee Cheng

Principal Scientist

Dr Cheng is an internationally well recognised molecular and cellular biologist leading the scientific research theme at the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute (ADRI). Dr Cheng is also the head scientist of the ADRI BioBank (Australian’s 2nd official biobank) and molecular pathology laboratory (specialised in genetic testing). Dr Cheng has extensive contributions in diseases biomarkers and drug development. She curated high standard mesothelioma samples that enabled ADRI to contribute to The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project – a National Institute of Health (NIH) initiative to catalogue genetic mutations responsible for cancer.

Dr. Kin Chung Fong


Dr Fong is a Scientist in Raytheon BBN Technology and an Associate of Physics Department at Harvard University. His research focuses on understanding the strongly interacting many-body phenomena and mesoscopic physics in nano-materials, and their applications to novel, high-sensitivity detectors and quantum information science. One of his major contribution is the discovery of the electronic fluid in quantum critical materials and how they can be used to understand the quantum gravity in black holes as well as the quark-gluon plasma that formed at the beginning of the universe. His scientific discoveries also lead to several patented inventions on quantum amplifiers and single photon detectors based on the novel two-dimensional material called graphene. These technologies will enable the quantum computation and communication.

Christine Yim-Ping Wong


Ms Wong is currently a research associate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was trained and has specialised in virology and zoology since 1998. Ms Wong has extensive experience in laboratory accreditation and management, especially in the area of virology, microbiology, histopathology, molecular biology and stem cells.
She has worked in the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
• She is in charge of the Stem Cell Laboratory and cleanroom in the institute, to ensure the procedures, documents, and the laboratory environment and control system are in compliance with ISO 14644-1 standard (under The National Environmental Balancing Bureau, NEBB) and complies with the GMP laboratory standard.
• She has participated in the first time certification audit in Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory (BSL-3) in conformance with the BMBL standard (Biosafety of Microbiology and Biomedical Laboratory, US-CDC/NIH).
• Ms Wong assisted in the daily management of the BSL-3 laboratory, including the SOP preparation, training of users on the bio-safety guidelines and system and environment monitoring, to ensure safe working conditions for researchers studying the highly infectious agents.

Ivy KU


Ms. Ivy KU, Master of Arts, is a celebrated Composer & Lyricist in Hong Kong.  A great number of her works have been performed by superstars like Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Ronald Cheng etc,  and have become evergreen songs in China for the past two decades. She is currently the CEO of Stay True International Group Limited and SAUVER Medical Group Limited.  Fluent in English, Chinese and French, she is a dynamic entrepreneur, well advised by a team of financial and medical professionals in Asia and Europe who share the same vision and passion in marketing Chinese medical products to obtain recognition in the Western world to save more lives.

Gregory Chiu Tung Cheng


Mr Cheng is founder and CEO of SynerTech International Limited, which successfully developed many innovative products since 1997. SyenrTech products has been sold to EU, US and Japan.

Scott Kelly


Mr Kelly has been in Hong Kong for over 35 years with business startups in China, Philippines and Thailand.
With his IT background Kelly has been involved in software development - Aware Thailand, N22 China, and also industrial control systems – Linde AG.
Previously Kelly was a Director and shareholder of a company sold to the multinational firm G4S.

David T.W. Wan

Chief Business Consultant

Mr. Wan has ample operating experience in listed companies in Hong Kong.  He has held the positions of Chief Operating Officers, executive directors / non-executive directors of various listed main board and gem board companies.  Mr. Wan is also the Founder and Chairman of a consulting company, which is principally engaged in corporate development and project financing.
Mr. Wan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and a Master Degree in Business Administration from The University of Hong Kong as well as a Master of Laws degree in International and Commercial Law from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom.  He also holds an Executive Diploma in Legal Risk for Enterprise Risk Management as well as in Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing from the School of Professional and Continuing Education of The University of Hong Kong.

Wilson Wu


Mr. Wilson Wu was educated in Hong Kong and obtained his law degree at The University of Hong Kong. He was admitted as a solicitor in 1999 and is now a partner of Messrs. Hon & Co., a law firm founded in 1945. Mr. Wilson Wu’s major areas of practice are Conveyancing, property related litigation, probate (both contentious and non-contentious), trust and immigration.
Mr. Wilson Wu is also a vice-chairman of Hong Kong Zhejiang Dongyang Merchants Association Limited; a committee member of China Shenzhen Koon Lan Merchants Association; the legal adviser of Hong Kong Koon Lan Residents Association Limited and Hong Kong Dongyang Residents Association Limited.

Eric S. S. Wong

Chief Business officer & Partner

Mr. Wong is founder and president of two associations. Hong Kong Jiangsu Exchange Promotion Association & Hong Kong Huaxia Business Association
He is CEO of a consultant firm BTC Consultant Company Limited.
and CEO of a trading company King Brand Industrial Limited.

About Us: Team Members
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